Stop Hiding in the Wings

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For most of us, it’s not easy being “seen”. Having people witness our action (or inaction!), our trials and lessons, or even our joys and achievements. It’s often much easier to hide away the most vulnerable parts of ourselves and show up how other people expect us to. That way, we aren’t open to judgement about our choices or criticism about the things we share. Sometimes it’s hard for others to understand why we celebrate business achievements, such as business goals or the transformation of a client. Perhaps they resist the lessons available in experiences that we share, those that are raw and profound.

So, we make it easy for them to feel comfortable. But what about us? By hiding away the truest parts of ourselves to avoid judgement or even conflict, what are we giving up?

This business has been the biggest personal development journey of my life. For those of you who run your own business, I am sure you would agree that nothing quite prepares you for the immersion into YOU – how this journey uncovers so many home truths but then allows for so much growth. It can get uncomfortable, and not just for us! But it’s the choices we make around how to deal with that discomfort that sets the stage for how we show up in our business – and, really, all aspects of our lives – and how people see us. It’s not about the picture we paint for them that hides our true selves and makes them happy, it’s about showing others that it’s okay to celebrate what makes us special.

Do you ever just sit with the things you discover after such profound introspection? Do you allow them to sink in, hit their mark, and leave an impact? Or do you just get so caught up in life and fear of judgement or external opinions that you don’t take away the lessons the experiences intended?

Recently, I’ve realised how much of myself I have been hiding in the wings. Exactly how much I’ve been holding back from the world, but also from myself. There is nothing quite like the journey of building a business to really uncover these nuggets of wisdom.

What are you hiding back? There must be something. Even for the most self-aware of us, there is always something. Because life is an ever-evolving journey designed to teach and re-teach us the things we need to learn. It may be something you’ve recently discovered or something you haven’t thought about in years. Maybe it was a dream you had as a child or young adult that you chose to shelve after starting a family. Perhaps you learned something about yourself that you weren’t quite ready to explore. Whatever it is, you owe it to yourself to take the time and make the commitment to let it take form and materialise in the wisdom and experience it was designed for.

I often think back to when I was about 18: I was given a book on angels by a colleague. He said to me: ‘Read it and see if that resonates, but I do believe you are an Earth Angel’.

At the time, I thought he was so off the mark, but I read it anyway.   The more I read, the more I wanted to keep reading.  It both terrified and excited me.   And it did resonate. So completely! I sat with the discovery, then never spoke about it again.

The thought of what people would think of me if I spoke that out loud had me running for the hills.  Who am I to think of myself in that way, and, well, who believes in that stuff, anyway?

You know what? I do. I believe in that stuff. Not in the way you think, I don’t really believe I’m an angel in the traditional sense. Let me take this moment to assure you that I don’t judge whatever you believe. Some people believe angels – the conventional idea of them – truly walk among us. But what I believe is that there are people who have the qualities that this book so perfectly ascribes to this idea of an Earth Angel.

The beauty in life is that meaning is what we make it. The meaning something has to us is influenced by our life experiences and the people and places we allow into our world.   But we can also change that meaning if we so choose. I chose what the word “angel” means to me and how I relate to being described as such.

An Earth Angel (according to this book) holds space for others, spreads kindness and compassion, inspires and lifts people’s energy, finds the silver lining in every situation, holds acceptance over judgement, possesses gifts in creating and healing, is intuitive… The list goes on.

The thing is, even though these qualities resonated with me, I couldn’t bring myself to speak them of myself. I was too afraid to think of myself in this way because of what others might think about me; too afraid of their judgement and criticism. But it is past time for me to step into the spotlight and embody ME completely. After all, I am the leading lady of my own life. So, while I don’t believe I am an angel in the spiritual/biblical sense, I do believe I fit the description laid out in that book. I have found my calling as a coach and guide; I hold space for my clients without judgement; I inspire them to find the clarity of their calling and the confidence to voice it.

This is something I am committed to exploring, to see what comes up for me. I am sitting with the discovery and leaning into the lessons it offers. It is the path my intuition is calling me to, and BIG ideas are already formulating because of that simple but momentous choice.

I want you to experience the same awakening I had; that moment of sudden self-awareness that tells you it’s time to take steps on a new path – perhaps the path you should have been on all along. I challenge you to ask yourself what you are holding back on and why. Then, sit with whatever answers come to you and decide how you will act on the lessons.

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  1. Sonia Michelle Doherty

    I like your description of an earth angel.
    Yes I agree that you hold space for others to help them find who they are.
    You are kind and caring.

    • Louise

      Thank you for your lovely words


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