Are you sick of putting your business on hold while you take care of everyone else’s business.

Had enough of saying yes to all of the things you know you should be saying no to and having to say no to all the thing you want to say yes to?

There is never enough hours in the day to achieve all the things on your mammoth to-do list, let alone spend any time on you.

You feel like you are always rushing, rushing to drop the kids off at school, rushing to take them to after school sports, rushing to meet work deadlines, rushing through breakfast, getting dressed, cleaning your teeth and getting out the door, rushing, rushing and making mistakes which leads to more rushing.

You are frustrated with people asking for things that interrupt you from working on your ever growing to-do list, but you just can’t say no.

The weight on your shoulders is getting heavier and heavier and you are finding you have no energy to show up as the voice of your business

You know something has to change, that if you keep on this path it will only lead to burnout, but you also know you cannot do it alone.

That is where I come in.


find your warrior voice within 

Allow me to guide you to look within and find the voices of the warrior so you can start saying yes to volunteering for tuckshop duties or reading groups at your child’s school, saying yes to coffee dates with your girlfriends and dinner dates with your husband, all while showing up as your authentic self in your business and serving the clients that have filled your books.    Without adding more hours to your day, without adding more tasks to your to-do-list and without leading to burnout and breakdown.

The voice of the Huntress to guide you past your procrastinator;
The voice of the Child to combat your over analyser;
The voice of the Goddess to outshine your inner critic;
The voice of the Alchemist to transform the reality of your victim;
The voice of the Queen to set boundaries against the people pleaser; and
The voice of the Sage to shine a light on the imposter.

you have everything you need inside of you to make your dreams come true and make your business work for you, you just have to say yes to you.

The package includes 6 x 60min 1:1 coaching sessions delivered via zoom over 12 weeks with voxer support in between.  You will also receive a workbook after each session with journal prompts and activities to further enhance our time together.  

Your investment is your commitment to change and 3 x monthly payments of $165.00.

When you are ready, I’m listening:

I will use a variety of tools and modalities depending on what the situation calls for including NLP, hypnotherapy and general coaching.

I am a coach and not a medical professional of any kind. I am here to guide you but I cannot do the work for you. You have to be willing to put in the effort for your own betterment.

If you would like to discuss my packages in further detail with me to make sure we are a good fit then book in for a free virtual cuppa:


It was my people pleasing nature that recently lead me to work 1:1 with Louise. I was working with a client who was draining my motivation and enthusiasm. Not because of her personality or type of business, but because I had changed, my business had changed but I felt obligated to keep her as a client as she was one of the first clients I ever worked with. I didn’t want to leave her in the lurch yet I knew that she had no motivation to find someone else as I was doing such a great job! Louise expertly stepped me through a visioning process that highlighted where the changes needed to occur and encouraged me to map out a timeline for handover of my client. I’m happy to say that my client found someone else to take over and I was able to facilitate a smooth transition. Even when both gave me some pushback on timing, I drew on my session with Louise and held firm. Louise gave me the confidence and tools to step into owning my decisions. Her coaching style is adaptive and flexible and she intuitively knows exactly what you need in that moment in order to move forward. I love Louise’s ability to make you feel comfortable, at ease, heard and in a safe space. Without her gentle but firm guiding hand, I would still be feeling miserable and trapped. Instead, I now have the space in my business to call in new dream clients and the tools to continue to make confident decisions that are in my best interest.
Melissa Daniels

Content Strategist, Meld Business Services

Journaling to FIND Your Balance