About Me

They say the greatest thing you can contribute to the world is teaching others how you overcame your demons. And so that is what I do.

My mission is to empower overwhelmed mums running their own online business to find the balance between being the heart of their family and the head of their business. 

Hi, I’m Louise, I’m a busy mum myself with 3 energetic boys, 2 businesses and 1 loving husband.

I spent the start up of my business days constantly putting it on hold, being everyone else’s support crew and always putting myself last.

It is often ingrained within us mums to put ourselves last. Focus on everyone and everything else first. But we need to overcome that in order to be the best version of ourselves. In order to give all of ourselves to those in need, we first need to take care of us.

But I never considered myself worthy – deep down there was always something standing in my way. I could never speak up and ask for what I wanted and I would then get angry when things didn’t go according to plan. I would play the blame game and continuously live in a shroud of anger. It became my familiar, my comfort – and so I would dwell in that anger and it would grow.

After years of dealing with anxiety and not really knowing it, years of anger issues stemming from that anxiety and then depression came knocking at the door I knew something needed to change.

In those moments when I found myself lying on the floor crying so hard my chest ached, crying so loud that I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to stop – I realised that I was being given a wake-up call from the universe to re-evaluate my life. It made me realise that I did need to invest in me. To fill my own cup first and to fill it so full it overflowed and filled all the cups around me. To heal myself first and then I could go forth and heal others. I found my Wholesome Healing.

Over the last few years I have been slowly growing my tool-box of self-care items, growing my self-worth and growing my absolute certainty that I am the only person responsible for my health and happiness.  I found the warrior voices within and allowed them to start to take charge over the voices of the saboteurs.  I found my way to most effectively evoke the warrior voices within, and now I am here to help you find yours.

How It All Started

This business started as my way to invest in me. The other business we run, while I am an integral part of it, I have always seen it more as my husband’s business. This was something that was just mine. It also provided me with a creative outlet as I began by crafting and selling pamper products made with essential oils to encourage women to take time out for themselves. I continue that creative outlet by making one of a kind diffuser jewellery pieces to not only support emotional wellness but to do it in style.

My journey has seen me become a Wellness Advocate, Student Aromatherapist, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. I have used and continue to use all of the tools and skills developed in my studies on myself. These added to my toolbox of essential oils, yoga, meditation, journaling, creating and dance has seen me push through so many barriers – some I didn’t even realise I had, and step into the light. I still get angry – we all do, its part of being human, but I don’t dwell there anymore. And my first focus is now always on me.

Because I now know that I am worth it.

And so are you! Unique and special and WORTH IT.

Journaling to find your BALANCE

My Services

Ready to jump in?


Allow me to be your guide, to take you on a journey of self-discovery to reignite your passions and kick down the blocks standing in your way.

Together we will find the CLARITY of not just want you want but why, the CONNECTION with all of yourself so everything you do is in alignment, and the CONFIDENCE to truly embody all of you.

Essential Oils

Natural, safe and effective, essential oils empower you with low-tox solutions to your everyday needs. Not only supporting you physically but also emotionally – the often overlooked element to your personal growth.

 If you are ready to add more tools to your support tool box so that you can take responsibility for and control of your emotional wellbeing then essential oils are a must. Your journey for natural solutions starts here.

Diffuser Jewelry

Support your emotional wellbeing in style on the go while also smelling amazing – what more could a girl want?!

From gemstone bracelets to traditional malas to 925 Sterling Silver necklaces, there is something for ever my taste.

Unique one of a kind pieces made with love – I also take custom requests.

Kind Words