4 Blocks to Break Through so Your Voice can be Inspirational

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Everyone has a story to share.

It is not necessarily a big life changing heroic story.  To you it may just seem your every day but to someone else it is the beacon of hope, the comfort that they are not alone.  The inspiration to get up and get going, the proof that they can do it too.

I used to hold back about sharing the story of my breakdown because I always thought that it wasn’t really a break down, it was just life.  As a mum you suck it up and keep going.   Yes, it was my every day, but since I have started sharing my story it has also helped so many other people.

I would compare my story to the people who were truly suffering and think mine just didn’t need to be told because these other people’s story told all the same messages.

It may seem like everyone else has a similar story and like I thought, yours isn’t worth sharing.  But what if there is someone out there right now needing to hear your message in the exact way you deliver it for it to finally hit home.  Because sometimes we don’t quite resonate with the other stories.  Would you deny them that hope, comfort and inspiration?

I know it can be hard but there are 4 key elements you need to work through to make it easier:

1. Let go of Other People’s Opinions

In order to inspire someone you have to not care whether or not you inspire someone.    Let that sink in a moment.

It sounds crazy right?!  But when you get so caught up in what other people think and how they will react to your story you are less likely to share it.   Or you’ll share it in a way that you think they want to hear it or alter it to fit what you perceive to be the right way.

What you truly need to do is to let go of the fear that someone might ridicule you, or judge you, that they might shame you or hurt you.  You also have to let go of the thought that maybe no one will actually be inspired by it.

You cannot control what other people think and you cannot control whether or not they will be inspired by your story.  But there is one way to guarantee they will not be inspired and that is to not share it at all.

When you let go of the outcome and just share from your heart then it will find its home.  Whether or not anyone lets you know they are inspired doesn’t matter.  Whether you get to see the outcome or the ripple effect, doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you have put yourself out there and it is happening whether you can see it or not.  You have provide that hope, comfort and inspiration.

No one can choose to be inspired by your story unless you move past the fear and actually share it.

2. Don’t be Afraid to be Repetitive

Your story doesn’t have to be completely unique to be inspirational.  It may seem like you are being repetitive, sharing the same things other people are going through.  The thing is, no matter how similar your story is to someone else’s it is never exactly the same.  Your upbringing, beliefs, life experiences, perceptions, rules, thoughts and emotions all add up to make you truly unique, the energy you share your message with is also unique.  So no matter how similar you think your story is, share it anyway.

It may seem repetitive to you, but to someone else it is the perfect combination for the message to finally hit home.

Don’t be afraid to reshare your message either.  It is not just about letting go of the fear of repeating other peoples story but also of your own.  Just because someone reads it once, it doesn’t mean they won’t find something new in it the second time around.

Maybe they are in a different place now and need a new way to be inspired from your story.

Just because you shared it already doesn’t mean that everyone or even anyone has read it.

No one can choose to be inspired by your story unless you keep repeating it so they see it.

3. Remember your Worth

Let go of your inner critic and know that your story is worth being shared.  In this instance it is not about you, it is about what you can do for others.  Instead of asking yourself if your story is worth being shared, ask instead is the person needing to hear your message is worth being inspired?

You were given a voice, a unique voice, that was not designed to say quiet.

Don’t change your voice just because someone challenges you;
Don’t hide your voice just because you are afraid of how someone may hear it;
Don’t whisper just because you don’t want to inconvenience anyone;
Don’t silence your voice just because it is shaking with uncertainty.

Speak up – share your wisdom and experience, your hopes and dreams, your fears and doubts.  Allow your heart to be shared with the world through your voice.  There is no other like it and it deserves to be heard.

No one can choose to be inspired by your story unless you consider it worthy of being told – which it is

4. Be Authentic

Remember it is your story so share it in your voice.  Be authentically you.  Don’t try to twist your voice to be more like someone else, don’t try to compete and compare with everyone else, just be you in everything that you do.  That in itself is sometimes all you need to be inspirational.

No one can choose to be inspired by your story if it is someone else’s story.

Everyone has a story to share.  What is yours?

Your voice is a very powerful tool, for more ways your voice can make a difference to your business check out this blog.



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